Established Organizations

Case Studies

Phoenix: Walk Score

The Phoenix Planning Department used Walk Score data to analyze the performance of existing light rail stations and to look at how proposed stations might perform if they were within a walking network connecting passengers to desired amenities. Walk Score data helped planners clarify which corridors and station locations performed best from a land use … Continue reading Phoenix: Walk Score

Washington, DC: Walking Meetings

Dr. Ted Eytan, a Permanente Federation director at Kaiser Permanente, has been a big proponent of walking meetings for years. Dr. Eytan has not only integrated them into his office operations, but has also published instructions on his blog,, on how others can do the same. The inspiration came from an office walking challenge where employees were … Continue reading Washington, DC: Walking Meetings

New York: Safe Routes for Seniors

As more people live longer and age in place, creating communities that are easy, enjoyable, and safe for older adults to walk through is crucial for both transportation and public-health considerations. So, in 2003, Transportation Alternatives (TA), a New York City–based transportation advocacy organization, created a Safe Routes to Seniors program. With funding from the … Continue reading New York: Safe Routes for Seniors

New York: Safe Routes to Transit

Created through New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2007 PlaNYC strategic plan, the Safe Routes to Transit program within the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) aims to improve pedestrian conditions in and around transit stops throughout the city. The Safe Routes to Transit program addresses three main transit conditions: unsafe bus stops under … Continue reading New York: Safe Routes to Transit

Eagan: Safe Routes to School

Eagan, MN, is a suburb from Minneapolis–Saint Paul and its Red Pine Elementary serves 950 children from the town and several surrounding farming communities. Eagan has a network of sidewalks and crosswalks in the neighborhoods around school, providing safe infrastructure for walking and bicycling. In spite of these safe facilities, many parents were in the … Continue reading Eagan: Safe Routes to School

Federal Way: Mobility Education

The Mobility Education Foundation ran a mobility-education pilot course in Federal Way, Washington, in 2007. The Federal Way Public Schools Traffic Safety Education program typically offers two sections of driver education at Todd Beamer High School. The foundation offered one of the two sections an expanded “Driver Education PLUS” course with supplemental training run by … Continue reading Federal Way: Mobility Education

Nationwide: Walking Apps

In January 2011, Kaiser Permanente and about 50 other organizations partnered to launch the national campaign Every Body Walk! The online campaign, produced by media team GerberRigler, encourages Americans to walk 30 minutes a day, five days a week. One of the centerpieces of the campaign is the free Every Body Walk app. The app, … Continue reading Nationwide: Walking Apps

New York: Pop-Up Galleries

Founded in 2009, the nonprofit group No Longer Empty produces curatorial-driven, site-specific temporary art installations and programming in vacant sites around New York City. The installations serve as a catalyst for community building and economic development. While No Longer Empty has canvassed neighborhoods looking for suitable vacant spaces, thanks to its growing reputation, property owners … Continue reading New York: Pop-Up Galleries

New York: Play Streets

In 2008, neighbors in the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens, New York City, wanted to turn a wide, underused street next to Travers Park into a weekend play street. Ron Hayduk, a member of the Jackson Heights Green Alliance, reached out to the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) and discovered that the original play-street applications, … Continue reading New York: Play Streets

London: Legible London Wayfinding

In 2006, Transport for London, the integrated organization responsible for London’s transport system, launched the Legible London wayfinding program. Legible London’s goal was to increase walking trips and help relieve congestion on the city’s transit system and roads. Legible London found that residents relied too much on the London Tube map to navigate through the … Continue reading London: Legible London Wayfinding


Collect Pedestrian Data

This refers to a systematic approach of counting pedestrians and walking activity within a defined area or jurisdiction. Data-collection methods are continually evolving but typically include manual counts, automatic recording technologies, origin-destination surveys, geographic-information-systems (GIS) analysis of census and land-use data, as well as intercept surveys. Databases of pedestrian information should catalog pedestrian crash locations … Continue reading Collect Pedestrian Data


Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper- And Healthier Webinar Report

On April 23, 2015, America Walks offered a webinar titled “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper And Healthier.” Transforming the built environment to improve health outcomes can take years, if not decades. The webinar focused on short term, low cost, yet high impact strategies for improving streets, public spaces, and buildings across the country that can lead to … Continue reading Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper- And Healthier Webinar Report

America Walks: Lessons From The Experts Webinar

Celebrated speaker and walkability expert Mark Fenton offers a rapid-fire review of best practices for those beginning to build more walkable communities. Many communities are overwhelmed by the apparent technical challenges and cost of making themselves more walkable. But there are compelling, cost efficient, often simple approaches that are ideal first steps. Based on a series … Continue reading America Walks: Lessons From The Experts Webinar

Local Elected Officials Walk the Walk

Mayors, City Council representatives, and County Board members are in a unique position to influence public policy and funding priorities to create walkable communities. As we will learn in this Webinar, they can utilize the “bully pulpit” to focus enormous media and community attention on a particular issue. They can also educate and empower citizens … Continue reading Local Elected Officials Walk the Walk

The State of Walking Advocacy Organizations in the US

In this webinar, you’ll find out more about the scale and scope of the walking movement in the US. Join America Walks National Coalition Director Kate Kraft and Board Member Wendy Landman to hear: -Results of our 2014 survey of organizations working on walking – the report will be issued just after the webinar. -Resources … Continue reading The State of Walking Advocacy Organizations in the US

Complete Streets From Policy Adoption to Implementation in New Jersey

This webinar covered complete streets, in general and in New Jersey, discussing every topic from complete streets policy adoption to implementation. In addition to highlighting successful municipal and county case studies focused on complete streets implementation, this webinar highlighted strategies on getting complete streets polices passed at the municipal level and creating elderly-friendly communities. 2014-06-12 … Continue reading Complete Streets From Policy Adoption to Implementation in New Jersey

Keeping Pedestrians Safe in Urban and Suburban Settings

Walking is the mode of choice for some, and the only choice for many. It is imperative that pedestrian safety becomes a priority for and incorporated into all planning and design processes. This webinar, Walking Shouldn’t Be Hazardous to Your Health: Keeping Pedestrians Safe in Urban and Suburban Settings, provides an overview of tools, campaigns … Continue reading Keeping Pedestrians Safe in Urban and Suburban Settings

Measuring the Pedestrian Streetscape

This webinar will introduce participants to the Microscale Audit for Pedestrian Streetscape (MAPS) tool that can help communities assess the activity-friendliness of streets, sidewalks, and crossings. Anyone interested in walking and finding ways to create safe, walking environments should join this webinar. The MAPS audit tool is based upon 10 years of observational research and … Continue reading Measuring the Pedestrian Streetscape

Illuminating the Path: The Critical Role Federal Agencies Play in Creating Safe, Walkable Communities

Federal agencies play an increasingly important role in supporting, facilitating and implementing programs that directly or indirectly help create safe, walkable environments. Join us for this webinar to learn about this exciting work! This webinar will highlight projects and programs supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The National Endowment of the Arts (NEA), the … Continue reading Illuminating the Path: The Critical Role Federal Agencies Play in Creating Safe, Walkable Communities

Transportation Legislation & Policy

Policy experts will walk through background on policy areas regarding transportation. Speakers: Kevin Mills, VP of Policy and Trail Development, Rails to Trails Conservancy Debra Alvarez, Government Relations and Advocacy, AARP Margo Pedroso, Deputy Director, National Safe Routes to School Partnership Moderator: Yolanda Savage-Narva, National Campaign Director, America Walks Transportation Legislation & Policy from America … Continue reading Transportation Legislation & Policy

Taking Action on the Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Walking

Webinar Description Make your voice count. Learn how to make the most of your message to the Surgeon General through the Federal Register. Get technical support for your detailed comments on the Surgeon General’s proposed Call to Action on Walking. Become familiar with resources at the Every Body Walk! on-line action center. Learn how your organization can ‘endorse’ this letter … Continue reading Taking Action on the Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Walking