New Advocates


Local Elected Officials Walk the Walk

Mayors, City Council representatives, and County Board members are in a unique position to influence public policy and funding priorities to create walkable communities. As we will learn in this Webinar, they can utilize the “bully pulpit” to focus enormous media and community attention on a particular issue. They can also educate and empower citizens … Continue reading Local Elected Officials Walk the Walk

The State of Walking Advocacy Organizations in the US

In this webinar, you’ll find out more about the scale and scope of the walking movement in the US. Join America Walks National Coalition Director Kate Kraft and Board Member Wendy Landman to hear: -Results of our 2014 survey of organizations working on walking – the report will be issued just after the webinar. -Resources … Continue reading The State of Walking Advocacy Organizations in the US

Innovations to Promote Walking in Mid-Size Towns

This is an August 21, 2014, America Walks webinar on innovative and effective ways to promote walking in mid-size towns. America Walks continues our focus on the Garden State. This month’s presenters will share success stories from three New Jersey communities. Feel free to attend one or both of these programs. At the webinar, you’ll … Continue reading Innovations to Promote Walking in Mid-Size Towns

Strengthening Change in Your Community by Engaging the Right People

Join this expert panel discussion with featured speakers from AARP and Safe Routes to School National Partnership to learn innovative ways to engage the change agents in your communities to help make them more livable & vibrant places to live. The panel will also feature a speaker with experience working directly with local elected officials … Continue reading Strengthening Change in Your Community by Engaging the Right People

Measuring the Pedestrian Streetscape

This webinar will introduce participants to the Microscale Audit for Pedestrian Streetscape (MAPS) tool that can help communities assess the activity-friendliness of streets, sidewalks, and crossings. Anyone interested in walking and finding ways to create safe, walking environments should join this webinar. The MAPS audit tool is based upon 10 years of observational research and … Continue reading Measuring the Pedestrian Streetscape

Transportation Legislation & Policy

Policy experts will walk through background on policy areas regarding transportation. Speakers: Kevin Mills, VP of Policy and Trail Development, Rails to Trails Conservancy Debra Alvarez, Government Relations and Advocacy, AARP Margo Pedroso, Deputy Director, National Safe Routes to School Partnership Moderator: Yolanda Savage-Narva, National Campaign Director, America Walks Transportation Legislation & Policy from America … Continue reading Transportation Legislation & Policy

Building the Walking Movement—New Strategies and Coalitions

“Hear” from presenters who are our partners in the Every Body Walk Collaborative and all working to make America a great place to walk. “Tell” us how you and other walking advocates plan to be involved to ensure the success of the National Walking Movement. Time will be allotted at the end of the presentations … Continue reading Building the Walking Movement—New Strategies and Coalitions

Follow the Leader: Successful Community Initiatives

Topics of discussion include: Brief description of a successful walking initiatives that are implemented nationally and locally Strategies for building a successful community walking program from a 1) national perspective-GirlTrek and the YMCA of the USA, 2) state perspective-Oregon Walks, and 3) local perspective-Count on Yourself!

Data and Resources to Propel Local Walking Programs and Solutions

Have you wondered how to keep up with all the tools and data available for successful local walking initiatives? This webinar, the “kickoff” of a new series, will provide you with in- depth information and resources to support your work at the state, tribal and local levels.