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America Walks affiliate organizations are generally local, regional or state grassroots not-for-profit organizations advocating for improved conditions for walking. Affiliates support America Walks on a sliding scale based on their annual budget.

To become an affiliate organization today, please follow this link to the Greater Giving website. Please make sure to fill in all of your organization’s contact information. You will receive an email shortly after confirming your organization’s financial contribution. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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You may also simply write us a letter stating the name and mission of your group, the year it started, and the name and contact information for your designated representative. Send with payment to America Walks, PO Box 10581, Portland, Oregon 97296.

Affiliate Organization Contribution

Affiliated organizations, corporations, and individual donors support the work of America Walks.  Affiliate organizations are encouraged to contribute based on their ability and correlation to their mission.  The following chart is a guide for an affiliate organization’s annual contribution to support the work of America Walks as the National Voice for a Walkable America.







Organizations are encouraged to provide extra financial support for our targeted programs:

  • Federal policy presence
  • State/Local action plans
  • Safe speed campaign (lower speeds)
  • Supporting local advocates

Affiliate Organization Benefits

    • Affiliation with America Walks, the National Voice for a Walkable America.
    • Access to a network of outstanding professionals and seasoned advocates via the America Walks Online Discussion Forum.
    • Access to Walking Leaders Conference Calls.
    • Participation in promoting national policies supporting walkable communities.
    • E-Newsletter and Time-Sensitive Action Alerts – brief electronic communication from America Walks, highlighting design innovations, new resources, pedestrian funding issues, etc.
    • Fiscal sponsorship – America Walks can act as the tax-exempt fiscal agent for your group while you obtain independent tax-exempt corporation status.
    • Training opportunities from America Walks board members on organizing your group and influencing transportation projects and policy.