“Are We There Yet? Better Evaluation for All” 2016 Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place Walking Track Highlight

America Walks is excited to offer a Walking Track at the 2016 Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place in Vancouver in September. We will be highlighting sessions that are part of the track throughout the summer. Register here to join us in Vancouver. 

Session Title: Are We There Yet? Better Evaluation for All 

About the Session

The session highlights three different projects, which each involve the walking movement in the following ways:

  • MTC’s Regional Safe Routes to School program encourages youth and families to use active and shared modes to get to school, including walking activities.
  • TransitCenter is researching evaluation methods for SmartTrips programs, which promote all non-driving forms of transportation including walking. Many, if not all, of our findings will be transferable to evaluating walking-specific programs.
  • Better Block PDX works with community groups to identify a problem and gain support to implement a temporary “pilot” solution that then provides the community the necessary information to move the project forward.

From the Panel

What inspired your session?

We want to raise the bar on evaluation. Is our work making a difference? What are the most effective ways to reach our audience? We need good answers to get the funding we need and to be sure we’re making the smartest investments.

What is innovative about your session? Why should people attend?

All presenters considered standard best practices for evaluation in their given areas, but wanted to go beyond and highlight how agencies can tell a story with the data they collect. We will show how evaluation methods from public health can benefit active transportation programs, and we will discuss the current and near-future status of technology to assist with mode shift evaluation. We will highlight the importance of graphical communication to share the results with decision-makers and the public.

Want to get a head start on the session? Check out these resources: