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Coalition Pilots Walking School Bus to Combat Childhood Obesity

Healthy West Kendall is an initiative powered by West Kendall Baptist Hospital but driven by the community, with vision of becoming the Healthiest Community in Florida.  The goal is to inspire the residents to think differently about their health and the health of the community.  This includes from the food residents eat to the way … Continue reading Coalition Pilots Walking School Bus to Combat Childhood Obesity

UK: Pedestrian-Detecting Signals

The United Kingdom had two main types of pedestrian signal treatments: Puffin signals and Pelican signals. A Pelican signal treatment consisted of a nearside push button to trigger the walk phase, a standard timed walk phase based on the street length and average walking pace, and a farside pedestrian signal that beamed a green light … Continue reading UK: Pedestrian-Detecting Signals

Oregon: Strengthen Crossing Ordinances

Ray Thomas, an Oregon bicycle and pedestrian lawyer, and the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition had been trying for years to induce drivers to yield more consistently to pedestrians in crosswalks. Oregon’s existing statute specified that a driver shall stop and remain stopped for a pedestrian when he or she is crossing the road in a crosswalk. … Continue reading Oregon: Strengthen Crossing Ordinances

Wisconsin: Train Officers

In 2007, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation updated its bicycle-training program for law-enforcement officers, which had been created in 1995 through a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) grant, to include pedestrian statutes and crash-prevention techniques. The course is designed to give law- enforcement officers the basic knowledge, tools, and resources to create safe walking … Continue reading Wisconsin: Train Officers

Eagan: Safe Routes to School

Eagan, MN, is a suburb from Minneapolis–Saint Paul and its Red Pine Elementary serves 950 children from the town and several surrounding farming communities. Eagan has a network of sidewalks and crosswalks in the neighborhoods around school, providing safe infrastructure for walking and bicycling. In spite of these safe facilities, many parents were in the … Continue reading Eagan: Safe Routes to School

Federal Way: Mobility Education

The Mobility Education Foundation ran a mobility-education pilot course in Federal Way, Washington, in 2007. The Federal Way Public Schools Traffic Safety Education program typically offers two sections of driver education at Todd Beamer High School. The foundation offered one of the two sections an expanded “Driver Education PLUS” course with supplemental training run by … Continue reading Federal Way: Mobility Education

Nationwide: Walking Apps

In January 2011, Kaiser Permanente and about 50 other organizations partnered to launch the national campaign Every Body Walk! The online campaign, produced by media team GerberRigler, encourages Americans to walk 30 minutes a day, five days a week. One of the centerpieces of the campaign is the free Every Body Walk app. The app, … Continue reading Nationwide: Walking Apps


Create a Safe Routes to Schools Program

Safe Routes to School programs make it safe, convenient, and fun for children to be able to walk to and from schools. The program targets pedestrian and bicycle improvements around schools and is based on evaluation, education, encouragement, enforcement, and engineering Guidance Form a Safe Routes team at the school including parents, school officials, and … Continue reading Create a Safe Routes to Schools Program

Expand Driver’s Education into Mobility Education

Mobility education supplements traditional driver’s education to teach multimodal and trip-planning skills in addition to driving techniques. Mobility education informs students how to do the following: ride a bike, judge the walkability of streets and neighborhoods from a pedestrian’s perspective, take and plan transit trips, account for the financial responsibility of car ownership, compare the … Continue reading Expand Driver’s Education into Mobility Education


Lessons from Dissemination and Implementation Research for Interventions Promoting Walking and Walkability Webinar (August 16, 2016)

The objective of this session is to discuss how complex research results can be translated to inform practice and policy. The presenters describe appropriate study designs and methods for Dissemination and Implementation research. These principles are illustrated with examples.   Additional Resources Introductory Slides  Ross C. Brownson Presentation: Public Health and Policy Dissemination Research  Jacqueline Kerr Presentation: … Continue reading Lessons from Dissemination and Implementation Research for Interventions Promoting Walking and Walkability Webinar (August 16, 2016)

Grading the Walking Movement Webinar (July 12 2016)

America Walks, in partnership with the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and YMCA of the USA, offered a chance to go back to school and measure the efforts of the walking movement through the recently released 2016 State Report Cards. The 2016 State Report Cards provide a snapshot of how supportive each state is … Continue reading Grading the Walking Movement Webinar (July 12 2016)


New Rules for Social Distancing While Walking

This is a guest blog post by Jen Udler of Positive Strides Therapy. Jennifer is a licensed clinical social worker in Maryland. She has 20 years of experience treating children, adolescents, and adults.  She specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, and supportive counseling.   As a walk-and-talk therapist, I continue to walk and move with my … Continue reading New Rules for Social Distancing While Walking