Every Body Walk! Getting Started Practice Briefs

The Every Body Walk! Collaborative and expert Mark Fenton are pleased to be able to offer this series of Getting Started Practice Briefs designed to provide local organizations and advocates with resources, knowledge and insider tips on how to make their communities more walkable.

The data found in these guides came from key informant interviews with twelve long-term practitioners in the field of walkability.  The documents build on the practice wisdom of these “elders” and includes expertize from traffic engineers, public health professionals, urban planners, elected officials and law enforcement.

  • Getting Started Guide
    Many communities aspire to make themselves more walkable and livable, embracing the idea that it can improve health, the environment, even the economy.  This brief describes a number of pilot or gateway projects that are ideal “starter” activities. Download in Spanish 
  • Making Walking Routine
     Although small first steps can be a great start, comprehensive networks are most likely to occur when “walkability” is an express priority and institutionalized into the routine policies and decisions a community makes. It should even be woven into the economic forces that guide both development and behavior. This brief summarizes some of the most promising ways to “normalize” walking and walkability. Download in Spanish
  • Getting The Community On Board
    Some members of your community will immediately embrace the idea of creating a more walkable environment. But others may have never given it a thought, and won’t even know what it really means, let alone why it’s a good thing or how to get there.  Here are four things a community can do to build understanding, interest, and support for walkability initiatives. Download in Spanish
  • Additional Resources
    Want to learn more about how to design curb extensions or make crosswalks more visible and safer? Curious to see some examples of bicycle lane treatments? Here are some resources that should answer many of your questions.