February 2015

February 27, 2015- What’s Happening In Health Care Report
Following on the February 20, 2015 Webinar, this report continues the discussion on examples of health care organizations initiating programs and policy campaigns aimed at increasing walking and walkability.

February 25, 2015- Over 85 Cities Join Mayor’s Challenge
Secretary Foxx announced that over 85 cities have joined the Mayor’s Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets.  Read more and find out how you can get your city involved.

February 20, 2015- What’s Happening in Health Care Webinar
America Walks is pleased to be able to offer this webinar as part of our Inspiring Stories webinar series. Walking is one of the healthiest activities you can take up, so this webinar showcases two exciting programs from the health care industry. David Pauer of the Cleveland Clinic describes how doctors, nurses, and other health care workers are modeling healthy behavior through the clinic’s employee wellness program, while Jennifer MacDougall presents BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina’s statewide prevention initiative, based on walking clubs.

February 19, 2015- National Walking Summit Extends Deadline
We are inspired by the strong interest and innovative proposals for the 2nd National Walking Summit in Washington DC in October. We have heard from many of you requesting additional time to assemble your proposals.  Therefore, we are going to extend the deadline for proposals to March 2nd at 10AM EST to make sure that those still working on proposals have the time needed to put their best foot forward in preparing presentation materials to share with the National Walking Summit Committee.  Find out more about the application process HERE.

February 9, 2015- Executive Director Speaks on Issue of Drunk Walking
Executive Director Scott Bricker spoke with Next City on the topic of drunk walking.   The article examines the issue and what the larger discussion needs to be, pointing out “All roadway users must use due care, and have some level of responsibility to act with it, [but] we should prioritize people, not cars, in communities and the ‘public way.’”  Read the full article here.

February 5, 2015-Local Elected Officials Walk the Walk Webinar
America Walks hosted a Feb 5 Webinar with three local elected officials who are in a unique position to influence public policy and funding priorities to create walkable communities. As we learn in this Webinar, they can utilize the “bully pulpit” to focus enormous media and community attention on a particular issue.