Greg Miao

Greg Miao

Albany, CA

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Gregory Miao is a senior staff attorney at ChangeLab Solutions, where he focuses his work on issues related to planning and the built environment. Particular areas of interest include promoting active living; creating equitable and inclusive parks; preserving, protecting, and producing healthy housing; and working to ensure people have access to clean and safe water. Greg is also a current member of the National Recreation and Parks Association’s Equity Advisory Panel, which serves as a sounding board for new ideas and practices that help ensure equity remains a core theme of NRPA’s work. Greg sees walking as a fundamental mode of transportation that is shared by all and that needs to be prioritized by local, state, and national decision makers. He’s an avid walker and bicyclist and has been known to ask friends to go “city wandering” and get off public transit early in order to walk to wherever they’re going.

Prior to joining ChangeLab Solutions, Greg worked at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, the regional planning agency for Greater Boston Region, and represented several Massachusetts communities as a municipal attorney. Gregory graduated from St. Lawrence University and holds a JD from Case Western Reserve University and a master’s in urban and regional policy from Northeastern University.