Promoting America Walks

Meet Veronica O. Davis!

We’re thrilled by the depth and breadth of experience that makes up our board of directors and hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit more about these thoughtful, insightful walking advocates.

1. What’s your day job and how do you think your professional experience fits in with the mission of America Walks?

I co-own Nspiregreen LLC with Chanceé Lundy. I oversee all of our multimodal transportation and community planning projects. Most of my projects focus on moving people safely and reliably, which includes walking. 

2. In a sentence or less, describe why walking matters to you.

Walking matters to me because it is an affordable form of transportation that also leads to positive health outcomes.

3. Name one thing anyone can do to make their community more walkable.

People can work with their neighbors to advocate for better walking infrastructure such as wide sidewalks, shade trees, AND benches. 

4. What’s your favorite place to walk?

My husband, Roxie (my dog), and I love to walk around our neighborhood. It has great sidewalks, low traffic roads, and plenty of trees for shade in the summer. 

5. If you could go for a walk with any living person, who would it be?

I have no idea.