Kevin Mills, J.D.

Kevin Mills, J.D.


Kevin Mills shapes and oversees Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s policy agenda, including federal and state legislation and rule making, organizing and research. Mills’ team at RTC is leading a movement to double investment in active transportation to make it safe and convenient to choose bicycling and walking for routine travel and to make trail systems accessible to nearly all Americans. RTC’s Trails Transform America Campaign is organizing communities across America to demonstrate how they could cost-effectively shift trips to bicycling and walking with concentrated investments to complete active transportation systems connecting the places where people live, work, learn, play, shop, and access transit. Mills co-authored “Active Transportation for America”, a report quantifying the national benefits of federal investment in such opportunities. He played a lead role in securing and saving billions of dollars for Transportation Enhancements/Alternatives, the nation’s top source of funding for trails, bicycling and walking. His team also has won numerous state policy victories that will provide billions more in trail and active transportation investment.

Prior to joining RTC in 2006, Mills spent nearly 16 years at the Environmental Defense Fund directing programs to reduce the climate and health impacts of automobiles, reduce the use and waste of toxic chemicals, and promote sustainable transportation and communities. He founded or played a key role in launching many innovative collaborative ventures including the Clean Car Campaign, the Partnership for Mercury Free Vehicles, the Partnership for Regulatory Innovation and Sustainable Manufacturing, the Great Printers Project, the Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Alliance, and the Clean Production Network.

Vice President of Policy, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (2006-present); Director, Pollution Prevention Alliance and Clean Car Campaign, Environmental Defense (1990-2006); J.D., University of Michigan, B.A., Oberlin College.

Kevin is happiest when with his wife and son pursuing outdoor adventures such as bicycle touring, backpacking, or skiing, or experiencing exotic locales such as Iceland or Costa Rica.