Testimony on Oregon House Bill 2736-A​

Below are remarks submitted by Executive Director Scott Bricker on Oregon House Bill 2736-A​.


Dear Oregon Legislators of the Ways and Means Committee,

I am committed to safety ​in Oregon​. People’s lives, not machines, must be prioritized by roadway users, our communities and the laws we adopt.

Today, an airplane failing out of sky every other day would represent the amount of carnage that occurs on US roadways. Unlike an airplane crash that shakes the nation, however, a roadway fatality shakes only a neighborhood. But every neighborhood that is touched represents a parent, child, friend or other loved one that has been killed and injured on our roads. Even one person is too many and now we are saying no more and not our community.

The concept of Vision Zero, the idea that even one roadway fatality is too many, is catching on in cities and states around the nation.

House Bill 2736-A​ would create a task force to study Vision Zero in Oregon, to continue our leadership in the livability and safety of our children, families and aging adults.

​Please support House Bill 2736-A​ by requesting a work session and voting to pass the bill for deliberation and voting on the House Floor​.
Thank you,





Scott Bricker