New Advocates

Walking College 2016- Module #6 “Planning Campaigns”

Monday, August 22 – Friday, September 2

Learning Objectives

After completing this Module, Fellows will be able to:

  • Practice “strategic thinking” and “strategic planning”
  • Explain what is meant by a “campaign,” and describe the process of campaign planning
  • Discuss the components of Vision Zero, Safe Routes to School, and Complete Streets campaigns
  • Design and implement effective policy/communication campaigns, such as reducing speed limits and requiring complete streets
  • Develop a three-year “goal-oriented” Strategic Campaign Plan for his/her community
  • Develop a one-year “task-oriented” Strategic Campaign Plan
Study Materials

Read or view the following study materials (asterisked items* are provided primarily as reference sources, and may be skim-read; total estimated time, 5 hours):

Webinar: “Walking and Walkability Campaigns”

  • Speakers:
    • Lisa Quinn, Executive Director, Feet First (Seattle, WA)
    • Jim Stone, Executive Director, Circulate San Diego
  • Summary: You know we need to increase walking and improve walkability; … you’ve developed leadership, coalition-building, and communication skills; … you understand the built-environment components of a walkable community and how to interact with the public policy system to create change. The final piece of the puzzle is to design and implement a successful campaign – but how do you set the goals, plan your strategies, agree on a timeline, and then adapt when things don’t go the way you expect? These questions and more will be answered by experienced campaigners and Walking College Mentors, Lisa Quinn and Jim Stone in this, the final webinar in the Walking College series. Lisa will describe Feet First’s annual Walktober Challenge – a communication and engagement campaign designed to get people walking and thinking about walkability. And Jim will discuss the recent campaign to convince the Mayor and City Council of San Diego to adopt a Vision Zero policy and implementation strategy. Both will be available to answer your individual questions about campaigns.
  • Additional Resources