New Advocates

2018 Walking College Mentors

The Walking College is a national peer learning community. The following experienced walkable community campaigners helped design the Walking College and will serve as Mentors by facilitating video-interactive coaching sessions with small groups of Fellows:

Jeanne Anthony, Independent Consultant, Washington, DC

Jeanne Anthony is a national leader in developing strategies and resources to help communities implement safe, walkable streets, better housing and transportation options, access to key services, and opportunities for older residents to participate in community activities. Previously, as a Senior Project Advisor with AARP’s Livable Communities team, she developed and managed the AARP Network of Age Friendly Communities as well as the Technical Assistance program delivered in partnership with the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute. Her work focuses on developing tools and resources to guide the efforts of communities as they work to more become age-friendly.

Jeanne is a specialist in:

  • Place-making
  • Aging in place
  • Planning, processes, and resources for Age-Friendly Communities

Michia Casebier, President, M.G. Tech-Writing, L.L.C.

President of M.G. Tech-Writing, a grant and technical writing firm, Michia Casebier has funded more than $19 million in grants and completed dozens of Safe Routes to School (SRTS) site visit assessments and School Route/Travel Plans in rural and tribal communities.  A certified SRTS National Course instructor and former Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Education Specialist, Michia provided Arizona SRTS grant writing workshops to nearly 200 participants.  She is considered a national expert in engaging federally-recognized Native American tribes in SRTS programs and policies, and increasing tribal pedestrian safety.  Michia lives in Cottonwood, AZ.

Michia is a specialist in:

  • Grant-writing
  • Tribal Safety Plan development
  • SRTS and Tribal Transportation Program development
  • Crash data analysis and distillation
  • Multimodal planning in rural and tribal communities

Anamarie Ferreira de Melo, CEO/CoFounder, Urban Health Partnerships, Inc., Miami, FL

Anamarie Garces is the co-founder and CEO of Urban Health Partnerships, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health by enhancing environments in South Florida.  Her primary focus is to identify and address the root causes of health and social disparities, which she achieves through a process of establishing a shared vision with community stakeholders, then assisting with the development and implementation of policy, system, and built and social environmental changes. Prior to founding Urban Health, Anamarie focused on international public health monitoring and evaluation, Miami pedestrian and bicycle safety projects and research, and unconventional public engagement.

Anamarie is a specialist in:

  • Grant-writing
  • Community engagement tools
  • Community Action Plan development
  • Dismantling institutional bias and racism
  • Health Impact Assessments

Geraldolyn Horton-Harris, Social Equity Consultant, Geraldolyn Horton-Harris & Associates, LLC; Community Advocate, Chicago, IL

Geraldolyn Horton-Harris was a 2016 Walking College Fellow, and she returns to the Walking College in 2017 as a member of the Mentoring Team. As a neighborhood advocate in Denver, she spearheaded an initiative to re-vitalize Mestizo Curtis Park, resulting in more than one million dollars in improvements, by managing a partnership including the Trust For Public Land, Denver Parks and Recreation, and Groundwork Denver. Geraldolyn was also a founding staff member of Americorps National Civilian Community Corps (Denver Campus).

Geraldolyn is a specialist in:

  • Health equity and environmental justice
  • Difficult conversations and conflict styles
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Systems thinking

Wendy Landman, Board member, America Walks; Executive Director, WalkBoston, Boston, MA

Wendy has served as Executive Director of WalkBoston since 2004. She has led the organization’s growth into a statewide advocacy presence and works with leaders in state and municipal government as well as the non-profit community. Ongoing initiatives include technical assistance to municipal staff and local advocates; design review of transportation, smart growth and development projects around the state; and Safe Routes to School programs. Wendy serves on the Board of America Walks and is a member of the Coordinating Committee for the national Every Body Walk! Collaborative.

Wendy is a specialist in:

  • Non-profit management
  • Joint advocacy among municipal staff and local residents
  • Providing effective comments on road designs

Mukul Malhotra, Board member, America Walks; Principal and Director of Urban Design, MIG Inc., Berkeley, CA

Mukul MalhotraMukul Malhotra has over 15 years of experience in urban design, planning and architecture, with a special interest in streetscape design and the pedestrian experience. A board member with America Walks and Principal and Director of Urban Design with MIG Inc., he is one of the creators of re:Streets – a multi-disciplinary collaboration that explores ways streets could be designed for living, instead of just driving. Mukul lives a car-free life in Berkeley, California – he says it’s easier not to be tempted to drive if you don’t have a driver’s license.

Mukul is a specialist in:

  • Community engagement
  • Planning and design of streets and public spaces

Eileen McCarthy, Ward 3 Representative, Washington, DC Pedestrian Advisory Council

Eileen McCarthy serves on the Washington, DC Pedestrian Advisory Council, which advises the Mayor, DC City Council and DC agencies on pedestrian safety and accessibility. In 2016, she led the Council’s efforts to support adoption of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act of 2016, which mandated bicycle and pedestrian priority areas, and also created a task force to review major crashes and identify needed engineering and other improvements. Previously, Eileen worked as a lawyer at the US Department of Labor – she has lived in Washington DC since 1980, using her feet, buses and trains for 99% of her travels, and has never obtained a driver’s license.

Eileen is a specialist in:

  •  Crash data analysis
  •  Transportation policy and regulations
  •  Legislative research and drafting
  •  Automated enforcement

Molly O’Reilly, Board member, America Walks; President, Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle, Sandpoint, ID

Molly O'ReillyMolly O’Reilly is an America Walks a board member and president of the Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle Coalition. She previously served on the committee that wrote Idaho Walk Safe, a pedestrian safety brochure for the State of Idaho published by Idaho Office of Highway Safety. As a founding member of Sensible Transportation Options for People (STOP) in Portland, OR, Molly was a leader in the grass-roots movement that killed the Oregon Department of Transportation’s proposed Western Bypass Freeway project. Molly also has an extensive background in sales, market research and management.

Molly is a specialist in:

  • Fundraising
  • Building partnerships
  • Working with local elected officials
  • Brainstorming approaches to obstacles
  • Sidewalks

Jonathon Stalls, Founder, Walk2Connect, Denver, CO

Jonathon Stalls is a passionate social entrepreneur and devoted long-distance walker based in Denver, CO. He is the Founder of Walk2Connect, a walking platform for people, places, and community. He completed a 3,030 mile 8.5 month walk across the USA ( in 2010 and the Camino de Santiago with his father in 2012. He is also a student at the Living School for Action and Contemplation.

Jonathon is a specialist in:

  • Leadership development
  • Educational walking experiences (routes, topics, outreach)
  • Branding, crowd-funding, campaign/movement building
  • Communications, social media

Abby St, George, MPH, Technical Assistance Officer, PedNet Consulting

As the Technical Assistance Officer for PedNet Consulting, Abby St. George has developed Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation plans for cities and counties, and helped communities adopt Complete Streets Policies.  Abby also led a project in which she developed Safe Routes to School routes and infrastructure improvement plans for several school districts, and conducted a Community Health Assessment for a Missouri county, which included identifying the top health priorities and suggesting interventions.  Abby has lived in Columbia, Missouri and worked for PedNet since 2012, coordinating public health programs and implementing active living policies.

Abby is a specialist in:

  • Complete Streets Policies
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plans
  • Safe Routes to School Policies