Community Change Grants

Community Change Grants

Community Change Grants Open

The Community Change Grants program supports the growing network of advocates, organizations, and agencies working to advance walkability. Grants are awarded to innovative, engaging, and inclusive programs and projects that create change and opportunity for walking and movement at the community level. 

America Walks and generous Active People, Health Nations partners are excited to announce another round of our popular Community Change Grant program. This program will award 15 grantees $1,500.00 in community grants for projects related to creating healthy, active, and engaged places to live, work and play.

America Walks has seen firsthand that the passion, innovation, and hard work of advocates and local organizations to advance safe, equitable, accessible, and enjoyable places to walk and move are what create the foundation for walkable communities across the US. This grant program will work to provide support to the growing network of advocates, organizations, and agencies using innovative, engaging, and inclusive programs and projects to create change at the community level.

Projects We Fund

We look forward to funding projects that demonstrate increased physical activity and active transportation in a specific community, work to engage people and organizations new to the efforts of walking and walkability, and demonstrate a culture of inclusive health and design. Projects will create healthy, active, and engaged communities that support walking as transportation, health, and recreation. Projects must show a strong and intentional foundation of equity and authentic engagement of the whole community.

Uplifting the community should always be the goal, so we are particularly interested in projects that center the concerns of BIPOC residents, reach across the demographics of communities to build coalitions, and/or create unique civic partnerships with new perspectives. Our desire is for proposed projects to have a particular focus on engaging in key issues of the day with new perspectives and diverse partners/ audiences while highlighting the vital role that walking and transportation partners can play in a new era.

For the second year, General Motors is funding 15 additional $1,500 Community Change Grant projects in designated towns and cities with GM facilities! Eligibility requirements for GM grant: You have a project that engages General Motors employees from any facility (dealerships, plants, offices) or you live in a location with a primary General Motors facility.

List of Communities with GM Facilities is where you will find the qualifying questions and a list of eligible locations at the end of the application.

Application Instructions

Applications open September 13th 9am Eastern/6am Pacific and are due through submission of this form by September 30th at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific. Some questions have max characters limits and this DOES include spaces/punctuation.

**PLEASE NOTE: Before clicking submit, you can click to receive a copy of your response. Due to the high volume of applications received, please consider this as verification we have received your application and there is no need to email us for confirmation.**

Awardees will be notified in November 2022. Funds must be used in the 2023 calendar year.
Please email with questions.

Stories and Examples of Past Community Change Grant Recipients:

2021 Community Change Grantees

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland-Trauma Services

Missouri Southern State University

Logan County Health District

League of Michigan Bicyclists

Fort Wayne Active Transportation Coalition

Communities First Inc

City of Trenton, MI

Citizens for Modern Transit

Building Active Glendive

Asociacion Puertorriqueños en Marcha

City of Osceola, Missouri

WestCare Pacific Islands

Walk Bike Tampa

Walk Bike Shaler

Schuylkill County’s VISION

Oaks and Spokes

Mode Shift Omaha

Huntley Hills Elementary School PTA

Gary Public Transportation Corporation

Franklin County Public Health

Florida Department of Health – Nassau County

City of Euclid - Dept. of Planning & Development

City of Euclid – Dept. of Planning & Development

DIY Lowell

Delta Neighborhood Association spoonsored by Everett Bike Walk

Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County

City of Albany Department of Planning and Development

Center for Planning Excellence

Blue logo featuring the outline of a family

Casa Familiar

The BOLD Teens Inc logo

BOLD Teens Inc

Altoona Public Library

Altoona Public Library

The Community Change Grant program is partly funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We invite you to join their Active People, Healthy Nation initiative and become part of a national movement of individual influencers, organizations, and community champions that support the goal of increasing physical activity in the United States.