Building Better Streets

Building Better Streets

We have the opportunity to build the critical infrastructure our streets need to make walking safe, routine, and enjoyable. America Walks is supporting local efforts to build active transportation infrastructure, whether through winning new funding or changing the policies that govern street design.

The benefits of building walkable communities are immense. Easy access by foot to everyday destinations saves people time, money, and energy. Walking as a form of transportation has the power to cut car-related fuel consumption by nearly 25%. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also good for individual health and a community’s social life.

Take Action

Right now, the majority of our streets aren’t sufficiently equipped for walking, but that can change with your help. If you are working locally on building better streets, contact Ben Crowther or Susan Le to: 

  • explore collaborative opportunities in your communities
  • exchange Ideas for organizing and local campaigns
  • learn more about access to state and federal granting opportunities

Contact us to get your organization listed on our local walking organization map!

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