Reconnecting Communities

Reconnecting Communities

America Walks is helping build a nationwide movement to reconnect communities divided by wide roads and overbuilt arterials. We host the work of the Freeway Fighters Network, that calls for increased investment in walkable, equitable, connected, and accessible places by divesting from polluting highways. 

Now is the opportunity for change: many American highways are reaching the end of their designed lifespans. For too long, we’ve relied on highway systems that pollute our air and cause social, economic, and physical harm to the people who live in their path. Rather than reinvest in a failing system, we can articulate community visions for neighborhoods without freeways, transforming broken liabilities and righting historical wrongs. 

The goal is simple: stop damage from new highway building and reconnect communities divided by existing highways. By fighting freeways, we can combat the unequal effects of the climate crisis, develop affordable neighborhoods that are walkable and well-served by transit, and undertake infrastructure projects that are truly restorative.

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