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When you donate to America Walks, not only do you support grassroots efforts making real change, but you also become a member of our nationwide network of individuals working towards safe, walkable, and vibrant communities.

What does it mean to be a member?

The primary value of membership is knowing that you are connected to passionate advocates around the country who want to see a more walkable, equitable, and inclusive future.  Membership also means invitations to members-only virtual discussions featuring walkability thought leaders, access to America Walks staff for assistance with your local work, and supporting the creation of resources that can be used at multiple different levels of advocacy.  And of course, being able to share in celebrating the Walkability Wins nationwide you are helping to create!  We consider anyone who has made a financial contribution within the past twelve months a member. There is room for everyone in the Walkability Movement.

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Your gift will help communities across the U.S. become more walkable and movable. All of your donations are tax-deductible. We accept all major credit cards and checks.

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We provide programs to tens of thousands of walking and movement advocates each year. As a corporate sponsor, you are investing in the critical programs that support healthy and safe communities.  




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