Columbia, MO Adopts Vision Zero Policy

The City of Columbia, Missouri has developed a strong Vision Zero Implementation Plan, according to Columbia City Council member and America Walks staff member, Ian Thomas.  When the Council unanimously adopted a Vision Zero Policy in December, 2016, they instructed City Manager Mike Matthes to work with the Police Chief, Public Works Director, and Public Communications Manager to develop an Implementation Plan.
The Plan was presented to Council this week, and it shows a strong commitment to the goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries in Columbia by 2030 (there have been 74 deaths and 542 serious injuries in the last 10 years).  Starting with basic principles that the plan will be equitable, data-driven, accountable, and collaborative, eleven “critical actions” are described in the areas of education, enforcement, and engineering.  Examples include:
  • Prohibit cellphone use and texting while driving
  • Develop a comprehensive safety education communication campaign
  • Formalize a program of road safety audits and assessments
The City Manager has appointed a Vision Zero Program Manager, who oversee all of these efforts and present an annual report to City Council, showing progress towards the Vision Zero goal.