Ian Thomas Walks the Walk

Our State and Local Program Director, Ian Thomas, and his wife Ellen, along with two old college friends of Ian’s, Dave and Ruth, are walking the “Coast to Coast Walk” – 190 miles from St. Bee’s Head to Robin Hood’s Bay. They are pre-booked in at youth hostels, bed-and-breakfasts, and pubs along the way for a 13-day walk, and meeting up with various other friends and family at certain locations on the way. For Ian, this is the re-living of the first time he did this walk – in 1981 and camping along the way.

We will be updating this page with posts from Ian as he continues on his trip.

Day 1


2 170422-St-Bees-Head

A coast to coast walk
Starts at the edge of the land
And heads for the hills
Day 2
Ennerdale Water
First of the Lake District Lakes
A place to relax
Black Sail Youth Hostel
High in the Great Gable range
But no Internet
Day 3
170425-Grasmere170425-Walking-CompanionsWalking compan-yons
Sharing the joy of the hills
And aching muscles
The Grasmere Valley
End of a hard day’s travail
A large mug of ale
Day 4
170426-Grisedale-Tarn170426-Steve-and-IanHere lies Grisedale Tarn
In a pass between mountains –
A cold, windy spot
My old advisor
Joined us today for the walk,
Thirty years post-doc
Day 5
Top of Kidsty Pike
High point of the Coast to Coast
All downhill from here!
Days 6 & 7
Tom and Harry Green,
London nephews, joined us for
Friday’s thirteen miles
The walking party
Reached a peak on Saturday
Through the halfway point
Days 8-10
The hills are alive
With fam’lies of sheep (diverse)
and free-range children
Twenty-mile days
End in the pub with smiles and
Pints of British beer!
Days 11-12
David joined today.
Since the nineteen-seventies,
We’ve been walking pals
English villages
In a sea of farmers’ fields
Linked by leafy lanes
Day 13