New Webinar: Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper – And Healthier

Webinar Title: “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper – And Healthier”

Date and Time: Thursday, April 23th at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

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America Walks is excited to announce the next free webinar in its second series of 2015, “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper – And Healthier.”  This webinar is part of the “Take Action at the Local Level” webinar series that calls upon individuals to build community and institutional support for walkable design.

Transforming the built environment to improve health outcomes can take years, if not decades. This webinar will focus on short term, low cost, yet high impact strategies for improving streets, public spaces, and buildings across the country that can lead to longer term change. Kate Rube and her team at Project for Public Spaces with Jennifer Smith from Greater Kennedy Plaza, will present health-promoting ‘Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper’ approaches, including active recreation amenities, street redesigns that prioritize pedestrians, and farmers’ market stands. After the webinar, participants will be ready to create great public places that attract people and provide many ways to get healthy.

About the Presenters

  • Kate Rube: Vice President, Project Manager for Transportation, Project for Public SpacesKate-FULL

Kate Rube is an urban planner with expertise in smart growth, active living, and transportation issues. She has led many efforts to build coalitions across different sectors, organize workgroups and training programs, and provide technical assistance to local organizations and governments in order to advance sustainable community goals. Previous this position, she worked as the Active Design National Training Manager for New York City’s inter-agency Active Design program, where she developed and ran a peer mentoring and training program for municipalities across the country on how to design communities and streets that encourage walking, bicycling, and other physical activity. In this role, she organized trainings and workshops for more than 1,200 people.  Kate served as the Director of Government Affairs & Outreach for Smart Growth America from 2007-2010, where she organized a coalition of more than 60 national, state, and local organizations.  She led policy development and advocacy on sustainable communities, housing, transportation, and environmental issues.

  • Kelly Verel: Vice-President, Project for Public SpacesKELLY-FULL
    Kelly joined PPS’s Public Markets program in 2006 to administer a $3 million grant program jointly funded by the W. K. Kellogg and Ford Foundations to provide technical assistance to over 40 national farmers markets. She is the project manager for all projects related to the planning, design and development of public markets and coordinates and develops content for all of PPS’s public markets education and training programs including the biannual training “How to Create Successful Markets” and PPS’s International Public Markets Conference. Additionally, Kelly focuses on researching and developing strategies for public markets to meet the needs of underserved communities and was the co-author of the PPS handbook SNAP/EBT at Your Farmers Market: Seven Steps to Success. 
  • Jennifer Smith: Program Manager, Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy
    Jennifer Smith joined the (then GKP) initiative to activate Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence, RI as a vibrant cultural city center in 2010. As Program Manager, Jennifer focuses on bringing high quality, accessible arts, cultural, educational, and recreational programming to public audiences, building partnerships, and fostering ownership and positive uses of the space by the community as a key part of the larger revitalization effort. Ms. Smith’s perview includes management of Food Truck and Farmers Markets as well as public art, an Open Air Reading Room and downtown Providence’s only playspace at the Imagination Center in Burnside Park. In 2013 she established the “Healthy Families on the Plaza” summer program to infuse public programming with health promotion strategies in collaboration with the Mayor’s Healthy Communities Office. The DPPC also advocates for a pedestiran-friendly urban environment with a modern public transit system and reduced barriers to active transportation. Her eclectic career includes nearly fifteen years’ experience planning, researching and evaluating education and public health programs with diverse audiences, with a special focus on community programs. Jennifer earned a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Women’s Studies from Clark University.The DPPC is a partnership of private and public sector organizations that have come together to transform Kennedy Plaza (and the surrounding parks) in downtown Providence into a lively public square, rich with activity. Since 2008 this dynamic coalition has infused the area with arts & cultural programming, added amenities, influenced critical planning work of the City of Providence and Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, and begun the process to establish a private management entity to work with the city to program and maintain the area. DPPC’s partner, the Department of Art, Culture + Tourism, recently received a second major grant for Creative Placemaking from the National Endowment for the Arts which will help to establish an annual Providence International Arts Festival in Greater Kennedy Plaza and development of a “cultural corridor” which will link major cultural institutions downtown with active connections to Providence neighborhoods.