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April 23, 2015- New Webinar “Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets”
America Walks is excited to announce the next free webinar in its second series of 2015, “Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets.”  This webinar is part of the “Take Action at the Local Level” webinar series that calls upon individuals to build community and institutional support for walkable design.

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was sworn in today in a ceremony with Vice President Joe Biden. America Walks congratulates Dr. Murthy on his appointment and looks forward to working with him. Dr. Murthy says he hopes to reduce chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease by promoting physical activity.

April 13, 2015- Every Body Walk! Collaborative Releases Messaging Toolkits
The Every Body Walk! Collaborative released new messaging toolkits as part of their efforts to grow the walking movement. The toolkits were highlighted in an April 13 webinar hosted by America Walks.  The toolkits and webinar are available online HERE.

April 6, 2015- National Walking Summit Registration Open
America Walks and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative are excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2nd National Walking Summit to be held October 28-30 in Washington, DC. Register HERE to join the conversation of how to move the walking movement forward.

April 1, 2015- Every Body Walk! Collaborative Launches Video Competition
America Walks and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative launched the 2015 Walking Video Competition.  The Every Body Walk! Collaborative wants people from across the country to show what walking means to them.The walking movement is growing across America and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative wants to highlight this growing strength by putting a face on the movement with a video competition.   Have fun, send in your videos and keep walking!

March 31, 2015- New Webinar “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper – and Healthier”
Transforming the built environment to improve health outcomes can take years, if not decades. This webinar will focus on short term, low cost, yet high impact strategies for improving streets, public spaces, and buildings across the country that can lead to longer term change. Kate Rube and her team at Project for Public Spaces will present health-promoting ‘Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper’ approaches, including active recreation amenities, street redesigns that prioritize pedestrians, and farmers’ market stands. After the webinar, participants will be ready to create great public places that attract people and provide many ways to get healthy.

March 25, 2015- New Jay Walljasper Article on America’s Most Walkable Suburb
America Walks is pleased to be able to offer access to the latest article by Jay Walljasper, What America’s Most Walkable Suburb Can Teach Towns EverywhereThe article highlights the growing trend of suburban leaders recognizing the power of walkable spaces to attract young people, families and businesses to their communities.  Jay examines Arlington County, VA, named one of America’s most “Walk Friendly” communities and a town profiled in an America Walks Case Study last year.

March 20, 2015- New Webinar “The Fine Art of Messaging”
America Walks is excited to announce the first free webinar in its second series of 2015, “The Fine Art of Messaging.”  This webinar is part of the “Take Action at the Local Level” webinar series that calls upon individuals to build community and institutional support for walkable design. Register HERE

March 19, 2015- America Walks Opens Walking College Applications
America Walks is excited to open applications to participate in its new program – The Walking College.  To address an identified need for training and capacity building, we have designed a program of self-study, mentored instruction, and team problem solving. The Walking College will begin this spring and culminate at the 2nd National Walking Summit in Washington, DC.  Join us for an informational webinar about the Walking College on April 2nd at 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific. 

America Walks’ second free webinar series of 2015 has been scheduled for April and May. “Taking Action at the Local Level” will target advocates and professionals working to build community and institutional support for walkable design. Each of the Webinars in this series will include a “Call to Action” – a specific task for webinar participants all over the country to complete, that will move the needle at the local community level.

March 10, 2015- US Representatives Introduce Vision Zero Act
Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Vern Buchanan, Co-Chairs of the Congressional Bike Caucus, have introduced H.R. 1274, the Vision Zero Act of 2015 a bill that would, if passed, creates two grant programs within the Department of Transportation to award money to communities to develop and implement Vision Zero.  Read more on the Vision Zero Act Here.

March 10, 2015- Over 150 Communities Join Secretary Foxx
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced that 160 communities have joined his Safer People, Safer Streets initiative, committing to improving the safety for pedestrians across America.  The initiative kicks off in Washington DC this week with a Summit for the participants that will provide training and resources to address the seven challenges that make up the Challenge.  America Walks looks forward to attending the Summit and working with the communities to make America a great place to walk. Read More Here.

March 9, 2015- Lessons from the Experts Webinar
America Walks hosted a webinar with celebrated speaker and walkability expert Mark Fenton on a rapid-fire review of best practices for those beginning to build more walkable communities.  A Video Recording of the Webinar is available along with the Practice Guides upon which the discusses based.

March 2, 2015- Executive Director Publishes Article
Executive Director Scott Bricker published an article at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on Walkable and Affordable Communities. The article discusses the costs and benefits that can come with the increasingly popular walkable urban centers.

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