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Current Actions

America Walks is proud of the work its local and state advocates do to advance walkability across the United States.  Here are some ways you can get involved with the walking movement and support America Walks.

Tell Congress To Support Walkable Communities with Two Important Pieces of Legislation

Every American deserves the right to safe and accessible walking conditions. We need your help to make sure that Congress prioritizes walking in current legislation.

The U.S. House Transportation Committee is scheduled to vote on a new multi-year transportation bill.  We anticipate renewed attacks on the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), the main source of funding for walking and other active transportation projects and programs.

This important bill would ensure that future transportation investments made by state Departments of Transportation and Metropolitan Planning Organizations create appropriate and safe transportation facilities for all those traveling on our streets – whether walking, bicycling, driving, taking public transportation, and regardless of age or ability.

Support Funding for Safe Routes to School

America Walks is teaming up with PreventObesity.net to push State Departments of Transportation to fully fund Safe Routes to School programs. Click Here to Learn More.

Join the Conversation

We want to hear from you! Please consider Sharing Your Story to contribute to the growing voice of people working towards a walkable America.  Inspire others with the work of you and your community.

Stand with America Walks

Please take the time and consideration to Endorse the Vision Statement for a Walkable America and join America Walks as it assembles a powerful network to continue to work towards a Walkable America. Together, we can promote and defend walkability for everyone.

Donate to the Movement

The success of America Walks is dependent on the generous support of people who wish to stand with the organization in making communities that are healthy physically, mentally and economically.  Please consider Donating to America Walks.

Stay Tuned

America Walks is releasing new programs, resources and information on a regular basis. Be sure to Sign Up to receive communications on future calls to action with America Walks.

Thanks for making America a great place to walk!