America Walks is leading the way in advancing walkable, equitable, connected, and accessible places in every community across the U.S. We are the national voice for public spaces that allow people to safely walk and move. At the regional, state, and neighborhood levels, America Walks provides critical strategic support, training, and technical assistance to partner organizations and individuals to effectively advocate for change.

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Increasing Safe, Enjoyable Public Space

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Taking Care of the Environment

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Lifting up Diverse Voices and Perspectives

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Empowering Grassroots Advocacy

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Join the Week Without Driving webinar

Join America Walks and Disability Mobility Initiative to talk about how Week Without Driving has gone national. For nearly a quarter of people across our country, they do not have access to a car or cannot drive, therefore, they rely on other transportation options. But what happens when the transportation options in their community are limited or disconnected, what do they do to get around? Hundreds of individuals and elected officials across the United States have signed on to this challenge to understand firsthand the experiences of nondrivers. 

Find Local Walking Organizations

These organizations are working at the state and local levels to make walking safe, routine, and enjoyable.

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