2016 Walking College Webinar

In April, 2015, America Walks announced the names of our first class of Walking College Fellows. Twenty-five grass-roots advocates from across the United States were selected from a strong field of applicants to participate in an experimental distance-learning program designed to build local capacity to advance the goals of the national walkable community movement. Six months and hundreds of hours of study and hands-on activities later, the Walking College program wrapped up at the National Walking Summit in Washington, DC. Another six months later, and those Fellows are reporting new coalitions, local Walking Summits, progress on complete street policies, funding for sidewalks, and even a statewide walking campaign – all with a major “assist” from the Walking College.

So, we’re doing it again! Our online application form is live  and we will accept applications through April 15th. And, if you think you might be interested in applying, this webinar is a must!

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