New Advocates

2018 Walking College Fellowship Application

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Please click here to download a Word version of the 2018 Walking College Fellowship application form. This copy is intended to assist you in completing your answers for submission and is not the actual form. To view the online form and submit your answers, please click here.

Instructions and advice for applicants:

  • Please answer all of the questions in the online application.
  • You are not expected to be an expert in walkable community design or policies. Our goal is to select a diverse class of advocates who are poised to take their local work to the next level and, for whom, the Walking College will be a critical catalyst.
  • Because it is not possible to partly complete the application form and save your work, we recommend the following two-step approach. First, download this Word version of the application form, to your computer and take your time to develop answers to all of the questions. When you are satisfied with your answers, copy and paste them into the response fields in the online application form and click ‘Submit.’
  • We are looking for concise answers to all of the questions, and so the response fields in the online application form will accept a maximum of 600 characters (about 100 words). However, you may send additional documents with your application, if you wish (see final question).
  • Click here to view a recording of the “Orientation to the Walking College” webinar”

Definitions used in this application:

  • In this application, “promotion of walking” refers to events, programs, communications, etc. designed to encourage people to walk more often.
  • “Walkability” and “walkable community design” refer to the advocacy, public policy, and engineering design processes that create places that are safe and convenient for walking.
  • Your “community” refers to the neighborhood, town, city, or county in which you are working to promote walking and/or walkable community design. Ideally, you also live in this community.
  • If you receive a Walking College Fellowship, you will create a “Walking Action Plan (WAP)” for your community or a defined part of your community based on a template that will be provided.