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America Walks 2017 Webinar Series

America Walks is excited to announce our 2017 Webinar Series. Join us on the second Wednesday of each month as we explore the topics, questions and resources that are critical to building the walking movement.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information on each webinar!

Series 1: Walkable Communities in the 21st Century

The walking movement is growing and so is the definition of what is incorporated in walkability. Explore the power and possibility of walking and walkability as we look at Walkable Communities in the 21st Century.

The benefits of walking are many and widespread. From personal phsyical and mental health, to strengthening relationships and engaging community members, walking is a powerful tool. Learn how individuals and organizations are harnessing the power of walking to create lasting positive change.

Walkable communities are the most successful when people come together to create a place where every person has safe, accessible and enjoyable active transportation. What kind of coalitions and partnerships have worked best in creating walkability? How can walking advocates work with other sectors to create vital and vibrant communities for the future.

It’s not always easy to find places or the time to be physically active but every individual has the right to walk. Learn how walking can be prioritized in communities of all types and be inspired with tips of how walking can be incorporated into the daily routine of every individual.

Series 2: The Great Outdoors

The benefits of walking outdoors and engaging with nature are well-documented. How do we create environments and communities that offer the opportunity to be physically active outside? What possibilities does this work offer to engage new partners, expand our thinking and explore new areas of walkability.

  • Exploring the Outdoors: Partners in Outdoor Spaces (April 12) –  Register Here! 

The outdoors offers beautiful places to walk and be physically active. How can we work with our friends and allies in other sectors to make sure every person has the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of being in nature? Learn from some unusal partners on what is being done to bring physical activity to the great outdoors.

Preserving and maintaining our outdoor spaces is a major responsibilty, especially in rural communities where trails and other areas are opportunities not only for physical activity but also for transit connections. Learn how the support of trails, parks and sidewalks play a role in promoting walkability in rural communities and what you can do to help.

When talking about opportunities to walk, knowing where to walk is key. Data and mapping tools are plenty and can be useful in making the argument for walkable communities and the development of smart cities. Learn about some of the leading tools available to walking advocates.

Series 3: The 2017 National Walking Summit 

Ahead of the 2017 National Walking Summit in St. Paul, MN, we want to offer our network exclusive access to inside looks and up to date information on the exciting developments.

  • A City in Transformation: A Look at St. Paul, MN (July 12) –  Register Here! 

St. Paul, Minnesota was selected as the host of the 2017 National Walking Summit for its recent innovation and progress with walkability. Hear from local experts and walking champions about some of the exciting things going on in their city and what you can expect to see at the Summit in September.

We’re gearing up for the 2017 National Walking Summit and excited by what’s developing. Get a sneak peak at some of the presenters and programs that will be available in St. Paul in September.

Series 4: What’s Ahead for the Walking Movement 

We expect 2017 to be a big year for the walking movement. What can we do to prepare for the future and make sure the walking movement continues to grow and develop? These webinars will explore some of the ideas, resources and partnerships available to prepare the walking movement for 2018 and beyond.

Champions of the walking movement come from different backgrounds, sectors and viewpoints. Learn how by working together, we are stronger than ever.

  • Creating Vibrant Communitites with the Community in Mind: Development and Gentrification (November 8) – Register Here!

Displacement and concerns of gentrification are at the center of many debates about placemaking and development. How do we serve as responsible stewards of communities while also promoting positive change? Learn some of the successful techniques and skills recommended to address these challenges.

What do we mean when we say the walking movement? After 12 months of studying a selection of indicators to measure the movement, America Walks is excited to be able to release information on the growth of the walking movement and how data measuring its progress can be used to spur future action.