Elected Officials

America Walks Comments on Proposed Rule Regarding Measures of Traffic Congestion (Docket No. FHWA-2013-0054)

At America Walks, we work to make sure that all modes of transportation, including walking, rolling and biking, are included in federal transportation planning and measurement. We urge the Department of Transportation to change the recently proposed rule on how states and other metro areas will have to measure and address the so-called success of a road to better measure and address all modes of transportation.

The rule as it is currently written prioritizes speed over function and does not accurately capture the true picture of mobility in metro area. As proposed, this measure would count the speed of vehicles seven different ways, but not provide a single measure that assesses non-vehicle transportation options and their benefits to improving our transportation system’s performance. It does not take into account people using active transportation such as walking or people who use public transit. It would also penalize communities where people live close to work, or travel shorter distances at slower speeds. America Walks believes that the success of a street does not begin and end with the number of cars it is able to accommodate but the role it plays in creating livable spaces for all users.

Join America Walks in asking the Department of Transportation to change the proposed rule to count all users, not just drivers. Please add your voice to the growing number of people asking the Department of Transportation to include all mobility options in defining a successful transportation system.