America Walks Commitment to Communities for All

America Walks is a public health advocacy organization committed to promoting healthy, active, and engaged communities for people of all ages. These communities exist across the US, are different shapes and sizes, and embrace the idea of walkability in different ways. However, they all have one thing in common—the dedication to creating spaces where friends, families, and neighbors can be healthy, happy, and productive. We have watched this past week as actions taken against individuals and families entering this country come in direct conflict with our commitment and vision for communities in the US. While steps have been taken, we know that there are still individuals and families facing unimaginable pain and a legacy from this past week that we will not fully appreciate until later. This situation poses a crisis of health and community. As long as there are divisions in families, communities, and this country, America Walks will remain committed to creating spaces where all can be healthy, active, and engaged together. We implore our network to stay educated on this topic, to use their voice as they feel appropriate, and to consider how our actions of today will inform the creation and support of the communities of tomorrow.