America Walks Releases Case Studies on Healthy Communities

America Walks is excited to release our new cases studies that highlight how a number of states have been working successfully at the intersection of public health, transportation and commerce, specifically in ways that support walking for all ages and abilities and that foster walkable environments.

The three states profiled in these case studies are at the vanguard of innovative thinking on this topic. They incorporate a variety of approaches, such as using health impact assessments (HIAs) and data sharing, or uniting disciplines and programs.

Iowa: Re-Imagining Transportation and Health in America’s Heartland

Massachusetts: A Historical State Looks for a Healthy and Sustainable Future

Oregon: Leading the Way on Cross Discipline Programs

Iowa, Massachusetts and Oregon have vividly different landscapes, demographics, transportation needs and governing structures. However, they share an interest in improving health in their communities, lowering health care and transportation costs, building their economies and improving quality of life for their residents. Fortunately, the solutions and approaches that they are implementing around health, transportation and commerce may be wholly or partially useful to other states interested in walking down the same path.

These case studies show examples of things that can be done today to address the challenge of providing convenient transportation, healthy lifestyles, vibrant main streets, easy access to services and facilitating human interaction.

A movement to create healthy, safe, livable and economically resilient communities is bringing changes, not only to communities, but also to the state and local geographic scales. These case studies are one set of many tools offered by America Walks to help walking advocates get started on working toward apath to greater health, economic improvement, and equity in their communities across the nation.

Read a summary of our findings here.