America Walks Statement on NTSB Report

America Walks commends the National Transportation Safety Board for its focus on a topic of critical importance—keeping all roadway users safe by reducing speeds. Research shows that reducing speeds dramatically increases safety for all, and in particular the most vulnerable users of our roadways – pedestrians, who are being killed at an alarming rate in our streets.

The research and recommendations released by NTSB demonstrate a commitment that we share to make sure communities are designed to put people first. The NTSB report found between 2005 and 2014, law enforcement officers cited a vehicle’s speed in 31% of all traffic fatalities. Each one of these fatalities represented someone’s family member, friend, and neighbor.

“Walking is the most basic, healthiest, cheapest form of transportation and the one available to the most people,” said America Walks Executive Director Kate Kraft. “The recommendations released today are important steps to making sure that safer streets become a reality for all communities.”

The time to act is now. The recommendations and findings released in the NTSB report are important reminders that our work to reduce speeds, educate drivers, and grow the national call for safer streets is far from over. We look forward to working with the NTSB on their continued research and evaluation.

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