Black Voices in Urbanism, Mobility and the Walkable Community Movement

Join us in listening to some of the fundamental lessons of Black History in urbanism through some of the prominent Black voices in our sphere. People we’ve had the pleasure of learning from on our various webinars and interviews. This is not an exhaustive feature but a brief, collective call to change straight from our most versed leaders – those who live and lead at the intersection of Black lives and walking and moving or biking, urban planning, mobility justice and much more.

Please give this important video compilation a chunk of your time and share it with others who might need to view it. Click here to check out our YouTube videos for the full recordings of these various webinars and interviews.

Be sure to connect with and follow the important work of the speakers featured in this video:

  • Charles T. Brown / Senior Planner and Rutgers Researcher and Professor (Twitter: @ctbrown1911)
  • Toks Omishakin / Caltrans Director (Twitter: @ToksOmishakin)
  • Veronica O. Davis / Houston Public Works Director of Transportation & Drainage Operations (Twitter: @VeronicaODavis)
  • Lawrence T. Brown / Author of the Black Butterfly (Twitter: @BmoreDoc)
  • Vanessa Garrison / GirlTrek Cofounder and COO (Twitter: @VanessaTreks)
  • Andre M. Perry / Author of Know Your Price (Twitter: @andreperryedu)
  • Marionette Audifferen / GirlTrek Organizer and Adventure Squad Leader
  • Olatunji Oboi Reed / Equiticity President and CEO (Twitter: @theycallmeOboi)
  • Destiny Thomas / Thrivance Group Founder and CEO (Twitter: @DrDesThePlanner)
  • Shavon Arline-Bradley / Founding Principal of R.E.A.C.H. (Twitter @shavonarline)
  • Mindy Thompson Fullilove / Social Psychiatrist and Author (Twitter @mindphul)