Building the Local Capacity of the National Walking Movement: Outcomes from the First Four Years of the Walking College

The Walking College is a six-month, distance-learning fellowship. Participants, paired with experienced leaders in the field and peers working in similar capacities across North America, learn about the historical underpinnings of the car-centric transportation landscape and the basics of design and policy that foster safe, inclusive, accessible design for non-motorized transportation while developing essential leadership skills. Over the course of the program, they also create a blueprint for taking action on a particular problem in their community.

Since its inception in 2015, America Walks has graduated about 150 walkable community leaders through this program. This report is an in-depth look at the outcomes of much of their collective work and provides a glimpse at intimate examples of how the Walking College is creating tangible, grassroots change in neighborhoods across the United States. Click the image to open or download the report.

Want to learn more about the Walking College? We’ve produced a series of stories and how-to videos that show both what Fellows have to say about their experience and how you can apply or get involved in the movement.