Connecting the Dots- Region IV Town Hall

America Walks was excited to host a regional town hall meeting designed to connect local organizations with regional offices of federal agencies.  Attendees heard presentations from a variety of regional offices, participated in breakout groups to identify possible synergies and ways to grow regional work and came together to commit to a series of goals for the region.



Goals and Next Steps

Participants worked with facilitators and regional staff to identify a set of goals they would like to pursue as a region to help answer the Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Walking and Walkable Communities. Those interested in working on these goals should contact Sharon Ricks at

  • Find opportunities to communicate together on a regular basis, to share opportunities and come together on ideas, resources and possible synergy.
  • Convene senior leaders from MPOs so that others can learn from others’ best practices
  • Learn about how non-profit, faith-based communities are or can be involved including some of the challenges and successes
  • Pair cities within a region so that one city can learn and share best practices.
  • Identify ways to share information about sustainability for non-profits and how to best use small staff to be effective