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Designing Places for People Webinar

On June 23, America Walks held the second webinar in the “Walking College” webinar series.  “Designing Places for People” takes a deeper look into the design and implementation of walkable communities.


Dan Burden, Director of Innovation and Inspiration with Blue Zones, has worked in 3,500 communities to transform streets and public spaces into livable, walkable communities that support healthy, affordable lifestyles. Along with Samantha Thomas, Blue Zones’ Built Environment Manager, Dan teaches us all to see through his eyes, as he surveys a desolate and abandoned downtown district, and visualizes its transformation into a modern, vibrant marketplace of human interaction – welcoming people of all ages, incomes, ethnicities, and religions.

Dan and Samantha discuss the greatest tool available to urban design- the human foot and how to create rich, dynamic cities that people will fall in love with. Their discussion offers an informative and entertaining demonstration on their work with street transformations and teach participants the most important elements to get people walking, economies thriving and people working together to redesign cities for a walkable future. By the end of this webinar, participants will have the tools and resources, including AARP’s Sidewalks and Streets Survey tool, to begin creating change in their own communities.

Additional Resources

  • Street Connectivity Course

    Dan Burden assembled a team to create both a full day training course and a manual on street connectivity, block patterns and related framework needed for a successful city. This production comes in two parts (The Why? And The How?), and the full document is available for your use in guiding local street connectivity projects.