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Education and Promotion of Walkable Communities (EBWC Social Justice Toolkit)

This is a section of the Every Body Walk! Social Justice Toolkit. For more on the Toolkit, please click here.

The general promotion of walkable communities and the benefits that come with them can help develop communities that promote equity by engaging and informing community members on a variety of topics. Issues related to walkability, including safety, health and engagement can be used to foster conversations on broader topics related to equity and social justice. The resources and information that we use to promote walkable communities need to reflect the nature of specific communities and be easily used and implemented by all community members.

This section will:

  • Provide talking points and messaging tools to talk about how the promotion of walkable communities and physical activity can be used to foster conversations on broader social justice issues
  • Share examples of how activities and resources used to educate on walking and walkability can also be used to engage communities around questions of equity
  • Offer existing tools and resources that can be used to translate data and information within the walking movement in a way that is applicable to an array of communities.
  • Demonstrate how the promotion of walkable communities results in the promotion of equitable communities
Social Justice Toolkit Resources

The resources below were created by the Every Body Walk! Collaborative in support of this Toolkit. To provide feedback on these resources, please click here. 

Related Resources

The resources below are existing resources that relate to the work discussed in this section. To submit a resource to be included in this section, please click here. 

  • Safe Routes to School National Partnership Search Tool: Advanced search tool of Safe Routes to School National Partnership resources and case studies that allows filtering of search by selecting categories including: Main Topic, Resource Type, and Topic; with additional filters for Geography, States, Language, and Audience.