New Advocates

Engage with Local Government- Critical Stakeholders in Your Walkable Community Movement Webinar

Having learned about fundraising and personal leadership development in the previous module, our 25 Walking College Fellows (and all America Walks supporters) are now invited to meet three critical stakeholders in any local walkable community movement – an engineer, a planner, and an elected official.

While advocates, who can articulate the diverse benefits of walkable communities, provide the energy for the local movement, local government partners are essential in order to actually change policies, systems, and the built environment. For this webinar, we’re delighted to welcome three national experts in building walkability into the local government process – a councilwoman from Boise, the former Director of the Missoula Office of Planning, and an engineer with 34 years experience with the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Each of these professional areas has its own culture, its own set of priorities and taboos, and its own vocabulary, and many of the problems of our automobile-centric society may be partly attributed to the fact that planners and engineers have operated in silos for much of the last 50 years. Fortunately, that unhealthy situation is changing in the modern world, as our speakers will demonstrate.

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