Establish Walking Meetings at Work

Walking meetings are small-group business discussions that take place while walking, usually outdoors, instead of around a conference table.

  • Determine the meeting agenda beforehand
  • Determine the route and length of the walking meeting beforehand, taking into consideration the fitness and mobility levels of attendees
  • Inform everyone they should wear comfortable shoes
  • Schedule the walking meeting early to set the tone for the day; or late in the afternoon to reenergize attendees
  • Check the weather and prepare accordingly
  • Avoid noisy roads and those that are distracting and/or dangerous
  • Give employees individual pedometers to track and encourage walking
  • Energizes people and makes them more alert
  • Helps people stay fit
  • Breaks up a workday
  • Stimulates oxygen flow in the body and brain to increase creativity and the ability to solve problems faster Reduces office energy demands
  • External distraction, such as ambient noise or cell phone use
  • Route restrictions, such as narrow sidewalks or corridors, can hinder group conversations
  • Accommodating diverse walking paces
Where to Use It
  • Parks, trails, or greenways
  • Urban areas with adequate walking infrastructure like sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Indoors areas like convention centers or malls
Professional Consensus

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