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Every Body Walk! Collaborative Social Justice Toolkit

At the 2015 National Walking Summit, several of our keynote speakers and presenters put forth the call to action that the walking movement use walkability to undo decades of injustice perpetrated across the U.S. from policies, programs and attitudes that fuel social and economic divisions along lines of class, race, income and other differences. It is our moral responsibility to make sure that every individual has safe, accessible, and enjoyable places to walk and be physically active and to be engaged with their community. The benefits are too great and consequences of doing nothing too grim to do otherwise.

The Every Body Walk! Collaborative (EBWC) heeded the call to come together to identify key areas where walking and walkability can help to ease tensions, bridge divides, and address disparities within communities. EBWC partners reviewed the literature and began identifying available resources and creating materials walking champions can use to work within equity and social justice frameworks and assist in further aligning all our efforts toward healthy, productive communities for everyone. The result is this Social Justice Toolkit and related training on creating communities that are safe, productive and, most importantly, livable for all members.

The Social Justice Toolkit aims to provide organizations and individuals working within the walking movement resources and guides to help them achieve objectives related to fostering equity, fairness and justice within communities. When working to promote walking and walkability and create built environments and policies that promote walking, there are many opportunities to engage, empower and inform community members and organizations on larger issues. The Toolkit will:

  • Provide advocates and organizations with communication tools and other resources to help incorporate messages of equitable communities in their work;
  • Foster conversation within the walking movement on issues related to social justice and equitable communities; and
  • Demonstrate how resources, activities and work to create and promote walkable communities can be used to foster equity.

This project has been a collaboration of many organizations and individuals working in a variety of sectors and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative hopes that the toolkit will continue to be a collaborative effort. Please provide feedback on the toolkit and examples of how you use it at

Recognizing and Overcoming Individual Biases
Sections of the Social Justice Toolkit
Making the Case- Research and Resources on the Connection Between Walking and Equity