Every Body Walk! Collaborative Video Competition

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Every Body Walk! Collaborative Wants to Hear From You!

Walking is the most common form of physical activity for everyone and has multiple well-documented benefits. The Every Body Walk! Collaborative wants people from across the country to show what walking means to them.

We need individuals and organizations to create short videos (between 30 seconds and a minute) on a variety of topics to be submitted and uploaded between now and October 1st. The videos with the most likes, shares and views will be highlighted at the 2nd National Walking Summit, featured on Every Body Walk! Website and used by the partners at the Every Body Walk! Collaborative.

The walking movement is growing across America and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative wants to highlight this growing strength by putting a face on the movement with a video competition.   Have fun, send in your videos and keep walking!

The Themes

  • Walking is Fun and Funny (#walkingisfun)
    Walking offers people opportunities to get active, have fun and find the joy in physical activity. Show us how you have fun with walking! Send us your best silly walk, ways you turn walks into playtime or why you think walking is fun.
  • Steps to a Healthier Life (#walkforhealth)
    Walking can have a major impact in improving your health. How has walking changed your life for the better? Show us how walking has helped you take steps in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Walking Together (#walkingtogether)
    Walking is a great way to make memories, build relationships and find time to be together. Who do you walk with to make special moments?
  • My Favorite Walk (#favoritewalk)
    Walking keeps you active and opens door to interesting places. Take us on your walks as you learn your community, discover new worlds and share the beauty you find while walking.
  • Making America a Great Place to Walk (#walkableUSA)
    The walking movement is here and growing! Send us videos sharing the challenges and triumphs you face in making your community a great place to walk. We want to hear from the groundswell of people and organizations making real change across America!
  • Walking Is ___________________ (#mywalk)
    One of the best parts of walking is that you can do it on your own terms! Send us videos on what walking means to you and all the different ways walking is incorporated in your daily life.

How to Submit Your Videos

  • Instagram/Twitter: Videos should be uploaded to your Twitter or Instagram using the appropriate hashtags from above for each “Theme”.
  • YouTube: Videos should be uploaded to your YouTube account and tagged with the appropriate hashtag from above for each “Theme”.
  • Email: Participants can Email Videos to ebwcnews[at]americawalks[dot]org in a .mov format. Please note that videos emailed may not be uploaded immediately but within 24 hours of submission.

 Further Instructions

  • Make it a group affair! Grab your friends, family, coworkers or whoever to help you tell your story!
  • Make it fun! Walking puts a smile on our faces and we want to see a smile on yours!
  • Encourage others to like and share your videos or submit their own. We want this challenge to take off and need your help to make it grow!
  • Videos should be no more than one minute long
  • Videos submitted after October 1, 2015 will be added to the channel but will not be considered for participation in the competition.


  • Videos should contain original content only. Videos containing content not owned by the person submitting the video will be removed and will not be considered for participation in the competition.
  • Participants understand that by submitting a video in consideration for the competition, they are doing so of their own free will and will not be compensated for their work or their product.
  • Participants agree that by submitting a video the Every Body Walk! Collaborative, the Every Body Walk! Collaborative partners and the National Walking Summit Committee may us complete or partial videos in promotion of the competition and other initiatives or events.

Questions? Email Heidi Simon at hsimon[at]americawalks[dot]org