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Every Body Walk! Communications Training and Toolkit

Welcome to the Every Body Walk! Messaging and Media Training Toolkit!

In late 2014 and early 2015, Every Body Walk! led a national collaborative process to develop an engaging consumer message that would motivate more people to walk and bring awareness to the importance of walkable communities. Through this process, we identified a set of audience priorities and key audiences for our work. Our audience’s priorities were based on the need for them to walk more due to health disparities, as well as the need for more information to be directed at these particular audiences.

In our testing, we found that while people already know that walking is good for them, this message alone was not motivation enough to get them moving. However, when we provided information to audiences about the opportunity to build stronger relationships and human connections by walking with others, they became genuinely interested. Others with whom we spoke said that they were compelled to walk for health reasons, such as a doctor telling them to walk to reduce disease. Audiences reported that they maintained their walking regimens because they liked walking with people, meeting neighbors and connecting to their surroundings.

With this knowledge, we developed a message toolkit with key messages and some examples of how to shape the messages to suit specific needs. To help Every Body Walk! and our networks use these messages in their work, we also developed this Messaging & Media Training Toolkit to promote ongoing skill development and provide some tangible tools to use immediately. Advocates and supporters can use the tools in this toolkit to promote walking and building walkable communities.

If you have examples of your work, success stories, testimonials or media coverage you’d like to share with Every Body Walk!, you can email it to

Every Body Walk! Communications Toolkit

Below is a list of the electronic files in this “plug and play” toolkit. You can download and use all of them, or select only the ones you need!

Download the entire toolkit here. 

Every Body Walk! Communications Training Videos

In addition to the toolkit, we have developed a series of videos that will explain how to use the various resources and help you talk the walk!


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