First Steps to Organizing a Pedestrian Advocacy Group

There are three important reasons for organizing. First, organizations have more credibility than individuals. Second, your organization’s members bring a variety of perspectives and skills that energize and sustain your advocacy effort. Finally, organizations bring increased community contacts and awareness. The earlier you hear about problems or plans, the earlier you can get involved and the more likely you are to succeed.

This section includes some information that may help you if you decide to organize your group in a traditional way. Consult the bibliography in the Resources section for more information about non-profit structure and operation. This section also includes some tips for solving organizational problems and having good meetings.

First Steps to Organizing a Pedestrian Advocacy Group (pdf)


  • The Board of Directors of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Sample bylaws, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition
  • Things that might be included in bylaws
  • Sample bylaws, WalkSacramento
  • 10 Most Common Organizational Problems
  • Having Good Mettings
  • Sample agenda
  • Sample minutes
  • A Legal Checklist for Non-Profits