For George Floyd and So Many Others, How Can We Do Better?

Walking, moving, occupying our cities, neighborhoods, public spaces and streets without death or fear of death is a basic human right. Anything less is unacceptable.

We can talk about the myriad of ways that walking intersects with what is happening in our streets right now. George Floyd was walking when officers led him onto the sidewalk before he sat against a wall. Derek Chauvin and the other officers involved walked wherever they wanted to as they initially faced no criminal charges. Protestors are walking through collective grief while seeking accountability and action.

But the only thing we need to talk about is the violence against BIPOC in our streets and how to stop grotesque human rights violations in our public spaces (and our homes). And further, how we as walkable community leaders and advocates uphold anti-racist principles in every act of our work.

We are still figuring this out for ourselves and welcome your feedback. Here are some resources and writings that address adopting an anti-racist framework: