For the Sake of All Things Safe Walking and Moving – Let’s Vote

What does voting have to do with walking and moving and feeling safe in our communities? 

Every day we see news reports and videos of people waiting on sidewalks in long lines to vote. In Tacoma Washington, this disability activist filmed his dangerous path to accessible voting machines (and won new sidewalks in the process).  Thousands of trans voters face potential identification barriers and the threat of being harassed or intimidated at the polls. Across the decades people have marched to win the right to vote, and that fight continues.

That every person should be able to vote without obstacle or hindrance is a measure of democracy.

That everyone should be able to move in their community with dignity and safety is also a measure of our democracy – and depends on your vote.

Election day makes plain the connection, and how much work we have to do to meet those ideals.

So make a plan to get out there and vote! 

To find out how to vote in your jurisdiction check with your state, county or city elections staff, or use this resource at