Case Studies

Four Communities That Prioritize Transit-Walkability Collaboration

The Transit-Walkability Collaborative case study series is an intimate look inside the interactive work being done by both public transit and active transportation organizations to improve safety, walkability, and access to transit in four different communities.

Transit-rich, walkable communities are livable places that improve quality of life in many ways. These communities strengthen local economic development, create opportunities for vulnerable and underserved residents, and enhance community resilience.

America Walks recognizes these stories as shining models for inspiring community change and connectivity to bolster active transportation, while promoting a more healthy, vibrant streetscape through their various collaborative projects. Check out the links below to read each case study.

Transit-Walkability Collaborative Case Studies:

San Bernardino’s Active Transportation Network Reinforces Transit-Walkability Collaboration

Knitting Transit and Walkability Into the Patchwork of Downtown Hartford

Transit-Walkability Leads the Way in Wilkes Barre

Nashville Active Transportation Advocates Get on Board with Transit