Case Studies

Fulton County, GA Takes Steps Towards Walkability

On, September 25, 2015, in a packed work-session, filled with local leaders and decision makers, Fulton County took a giant step forward in addressing generations of needed transformations, regarding health disparities.
Mark Fenton a national walkability expert conducted the first of several work sessions, tours and audits of several marginalized communities in Fulton County. During this training, locals learned how to address all facets of systemic issues that block progress. The series began with a walk audit and conference in Carrollton, GA, followed by a windshield survey in Fulton County, and culminating in a VIP breakfast and workshop hosted at the Good Samaritan HealthCenter by grassroots community-based coalitions, funded by the CDC through the PICH grant.
Coalition leader Cornelia King said “We can no long afford to watch other areas of Georgia walk more, eat healthier, and live better. In real-time, in our own communities, we truly want to become a safer, walkable, bike-friendly, healthier eating and overall healthier place to life, work and play. Together, we can do it, and together we will.”