How to Conduct a Walk Audit in Your Community – Quick Video Guide for Assessing Your Neighborhood Walkability

A walk audit is an assessment of the pedestrian safety, accessibility, and comfort of a particular area. In addition to documenting specific issues and engaging the community in advocating for improvements, walk audits can be most effective when public officials and community members of varying backgrounds, ages and abilities are intentionally invited and welcomed along so they can experience and react to the conditions directly.

The great new is that anyone can conduct and organize a walk audit. America Walks recently partnered with The Northern Virginia Regional Commission on some helpful  tools for supporting your walk audit. Check out this short and sweet video that helps you determine exactly how to get started:

As a companion to the video, here are our top 10 tips for planning and leading a successful walk audit:

10 tips for planning and leading a successful walk audit

You can also download these tips plus the full resource packet.

Of course, the formula for a successful walk audit can be whipped up with inclusive virtual tools and mindfulness for strict social distancing standards. Please share the whiteboard video and these graphics far and wide. The more community members who know how to conduct a walk audit, the better!

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