What's New

July 2015

July 30, 2015- Congress Passes Transportation Extension

On Thursday, the Senate passed the DRIVE Act today to reauthorize transportation policy and funding, on a vote of 65-34. The House refused to consider the legislation, however, and instead passed a three-month extension of current law and policy, through October, which the Senate then passed as well. America Walks continues to monitor the work being done on Capitol Hill and works to protect funding for active transportation.

July 27, 2015- America Walks Hosts Webinar “Building Your Fundraising Leadership Towards Walkable Communities”
America Walks’ second series of “Walking College” webinars launched July 27th. Designed for the Walking College Fellowship program, and open to a general audience, the “Building Your Fundraising Leadership Towards Walkable Communities” webinar focuses on fundraising – one of the biggest challenges for local community change agents. Watch the webinar and learn more here.

July 22, 2015- Executive Director Participates in Safe States Alliance Webinar
Executive Director Scott Bricker participated in a June 2015 Safe States Alliance Webinar on Taking Steps to Prevent Pedestrian Injuries. The full recording of the presentation can be found here.

July 21, 2015- New Webinar- Engage With Local Government 
It takes teamwork to create social change and you need a diverse team with common goals.  For walkable community initiatives, the team often starts with advocates – for health, for children and people with disabilities, and for social equity.  But, it is also essential to recruit local government officials to the team – especially, traffic engineers, town planners, and elected policy makers.  Join councilwoman Elaine Clegg, planner Roger Millar, and engineer Gary Toth to learn how best to engage each of these critical stakeholder groups in your community.

July 21, 2015-State and Local Program Director Continues Local Safety Efforts
Ian Thomas, State and Local Program Director, continues his efforts as part of his local Mayor’s Task Force on Pedestrian Safety with recommendations for implementing pedestrian scrambles as a pilot program. Pedestrian scrambles differ from traditional crosswalks in that they have three phases: The first phase allows north-south traffic to move; the second phase allows east-west traffic to move; and the third phase stops all traffic and allows pedestrians to move freely through the crosswalk in any direction.

July 20, 2015- Executive Director Speaks at NPAS Webinar
Executive Director Scott Bricker spoke at a National Physical Activity Society Webinar, “The Power of Walking: Why and how to create walkable communities for more vibrant, active, livable, equitable and sustainable communities” on July 20. The webinar and related materials can be found here.

July 17, 2015- America Walks Announces New Webinar
In “Walkability: The Health and Wellness Equation”, Dan Burden, one of the earliest pioneers in North America’s walkability movement,  will be joined by his colleague Samantha Thomas of Blue Zones to demonstrate to us the added lift given to us by the health movement. Participants will also hear from local Blue Zones experts from Fort Worth, TX and the Beach Cities, CA.

July 15, 2015- Institutionalizing the Change Webinar
The third webinar  in America Walks’ “Walking College” series was hosted by Mark Fenton reviewed public policy and private marketplace strategies to increase walkability as highlighted in the Every Body Walk! Practice Guide. A recording of the webinar can be found here.

July 15, 2015- Every Body Walk! Releases New Practice Guide
Every Body Walk! Is pleased to release the latest practice guide in the Getting Started series, written by Mark Fenton and featuring the expert advice of walking champions from across the US. Download the practice guide here.

July 10, 2015-Building Your Fundraising Leadership Towards Walkable Communities
America Walks is excited to announce its latest webinar, “Building Your Fundraising Leadership Towards Walkable Communities.” Join presenters Brighid O’Keane, Interim Director with the Alliance for Biking & Walking, and David Weinberger, City Partnerships Director with ioby, for this fast-moving webinar, which will highlight top tips for major revenue streams for pedestrian advocacy and introduce resources to sustain your work.  Topics covered will include grant writing, local fundraising, and earned income. Register Here