June 2018

June 22, 2018- America Walks Commitment to Communities for All
As long as there are divisions in families, communities, and this country, America Walks will remain committed to creating spaces where all can be healthy, active, and engaged together. We implore our network to stay educated on this topic, to use their voice as they feel appropriate, and to consider how our actions of today will inform the creation and support of the communities of tomorrow. Read our commitment here.

June 21, 2018- America Walks Attends Release of AARP Livability Index
America Walks attended the launch of AARP’s 2018 Livability Index on Thursday, June 21. The Livability Index measures a number of factors in a community that contributes to its livability, including accessibility, transportation, opportunity, and many more. This is a great resource for advocates across the US to help make the case for walkable, livable communities. Learn more and explore the resource here. 

June 15, 2018- America Walks Attends Safety Data Forum
America Walks attended an all-day Safety Data Forum on Thursday, June 14th hosted by the US Department of Transportation. The Forum showcased work being done as part of the Safety Data Initiative and shared developments in how data can and should be used to address the alarming rise in transportation fatalities and injuries. Read more here.

June 14, 2018- America Walks Announces 2018 Webinars
America Walks announced the next six webinars in its monthly webinar series. Learn more about the topics to be explored and register now for each month by clicking here.

June 13, 2018- America Walks Explores the Benefits of Walkable Communities
America Walks explored the economic benefits that come from walkability and walking in its June 13 webinar. Featured speakers include representatives from Strong Towns, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and Active Living Research. Check out the webinar recording here.

June 6, 2018- Visit with Our Community Change Grantees
America Walks visited with for of our 2017 Community Change grantees in the report, “Community Change Agents Walk On.” Learn more about the inspiring work of these communities here.

June 1, 2018- Meet Anita Bennison
America Walks is excited to welcome our newest board member, Anita Bennison. Learn more about why she’s committing to empowering communities to create safe, accessible, and enjoyable places to walk.