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How to use the Learning Center

The America Walks’ Learning Center provides multiple pathways to find the specific information you’re looking for to learn about walking and walkability.

The heart of the Learning Center consists of the Advocacy Resources and Technical Resources sections.  Advocacy Resources  includes nine topic areas of interest to citizens, advocacy organizations, and elected officials. For example, information about forming a walking group or learning how to engage effectively with your mayor and city council, can be found there. More technical topics, such as data analysis and intersection design, are found within Technical Resources.

While almost all of the Learning Center’s resources are located in one of these two sections, the same resources can be accessed in other ways. In the Resources For … section, you can select your particular audience type, such as advocacy organization, health professional, or business person, and pull up all of the resources relevant to that particular field. The Resources Types section simply links you to all of the resources according to what format they are in, whether they are case studies, archived discussion forums, policy white papers or some other type.

Your Stories allows you to share your successes and lessons learned with other America Walks members – and to benefit from their experiences. Use this section to upload your stories, pictures, videos, and more to the site, and become a contributing member of our learning community.

Finally – and a great place to start if you are new to the Learning Center – check out the Benefits section. Here, you will find six concise fact sheets laying out the safety, health, social equity, environmental, transportation, and economic benefits of walking and walkability.



New Community Change Grants Awarded

Meet the awardees of our 2018 Community Change Grants and read about the work they will be doing in 2019.

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America Walks Explores Walking College Results

Every year, Walking College Fellowships are awarded to about 25 advocates who are working alone, in local organizations, or in their professional capacity to advance walkability. This is an overview of the program’s early successes in terms of tangible outcomes in communities across the country. Click HERE to download the PDF version of this report.

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New Resources: Getting Started Practice Guides

We are pleased to be able to offer this series of Getting Started Practice Briefs designed to provide local organizations and advocates with resources, knowledge and insider tips on how to make their communities more walkable.

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Benefits of Walking

Review six concise fact sheets about the multiple, cross-cutting benefits of walking and walkable communities.

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Technical Resources

Search for more technical resources organized under topics that include sidewalks, speed management, and place-making.

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Advocacy Resources

Search our resources for citizens and local groups, organized under advocacy topics such as building partnerships, developing campaigns, and finding funding.

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Your Stories

Read stories contributed by other America Walks members, and upload your own!

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