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This section of the Learning Center enables you to search for resources by audience type. Select the most appropriate audience type from the following list:

Resources for New Advocates: Citizens and newly forming groups with an interest in promoting walking and walkability should start here.

Resources for Established Organizations: Local and state level walking and active transportation advocacy organizations should start here.

Resources for Walking Groups/Clubs: Social, neighborhood, and workplace walking groups and hiking clubs should start here.

Resources for Local Elected Officials: Mayors, city/county council and commission members and city administrators should start here.

Resources for Health Professionals: Health educators, public health administrators, physicians, and nurses should start here.

Resources for Education Professionals: Administrators, teachers, parents and children promoting increased walking to school should start here.

Resources for Planners and Architects: Land-use, planning, community development, urban design, and landscape architecture professionals should start here.

Resources for Transportation Professionals: Traffic engineers, transit system planners, and bicycle/pedestrian coordinators should start here.

Resources for Law Enforcement:   Municipal police officers, county sheriff’s deputies, and the highway patrol officers should start here.

Resources for Business/Commerce: Retailers, restauranteurs, real estate developers, and economic development professionals should start here.


New Case Studies Released

America Walks is excited to release new cases studies that highlight how a number of states have been working successfully at the intersection of public health, transportation and commerce.

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America Walks and Sam Schwartz Engineering Partner to Offer New Resources

America Walks is proud to be able to offer tactics on approaching specific challenges as part of a partnership with Sam Schwartz Engineering and Steps to a Walkable Community.

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New Resources: Getting Started Practice Guides

We are pleased to be able to offer this series of Getting Started Practice Briefs designed to provide local organizations and advocates with resources, knowledge and insider tips on how to make their communities more walkable.

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Benefits of Walking

Review six concise fact sheets about the multiple, cross-cutting benefits of walking and walkable communities.

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Technical Resources

Search for more technical resources organized under topics that include sidewalks, speed management, and place-making.

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Advocacy Resources

Search our resources for citizens and local groups, organized under advocacy topics such as building partnerships, developing campaigns, and finding funding.

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Your Stories

Read stories contributed by other America Walks members, and upload your own!

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